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Future Wheat Growth Business Query

Durum Wheat is the hardest of all the wheat's, its density, high protein content and gluten strength make Durum the wheat of choice for producing premium pasta products. Scientists at the Directorate of Wheat Research have stressed the need for exploiting the "untapped potential" of durum wheat for export purposes. This variety of wheat finds its uses in instant food like macaroni, noodles, vermicelli, spaghetti, instant dalia and couscous. Durum kernels are amber coloured and larger than those of other wheat's. Also unique to Durum is its yellow endosperm which gives pasta its golden colour. When Durum is milled the endosperm is ground into a granular product called semolina. A mixture of water and semolina forms a stiff dough which is forced through dies or metal discs with holes to create the different shapes.

Pasta: As a result of the increasing popularity of Italian cuisine - pastas are very popular among vegetarians - the market size for imported pasta is 5,200 tonnes and is growing at 26% a year. Ten pasta brands are available in the market. The two largest selling pasta brands are San Remo (125 metric tonnes) and Barilla (250-300 mt). India is one of the major producers of durum wheat with a total output of 2.5 million tonnes. This variety is mainly grown in Punjab and central India. However, most of the produce is used to meet the domestic demand.

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The country has the potential to export substantial quantity of wheat of this variety to the world market on regular basis. The factors that make durum- an export commodity are: increasing global demand; value addition potential; minimum quarantine issues related to it; better price and impunity to disease Karnal Bunt. The directorate of wheat research has found that the Indian durum has "enough scope for export provided necessary infrastructural facilities were developed for grain grading and handling and a good research and development back up was provided to boost production of durum wheat which is exported for macaroni, vermicelli, noodles, spaghetti, porridge and couscous. Important wheat grain markets need direct market information on the day to day FOB prices at the international markets.
We have substantial know how of the product manufacturing and distribution required. From ingredients to finished pasta - we masters all process operations. Our technical and experienced expertise is capable for making perfect pasta. Our systems set the focus on unsurpassed hygiene Ė and this with minimum line maintenance. We offer customized solutions for the following pasta types:† - Long goods - Short goods - Instant pasta - Lasagne - Couscous