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Padma Shri Sardar Jagjit Singh Hara was born at village Nandpur, District Ludhiana in an average family of farmers. He hails from a tribe of hardy ploughmen who toiled for generations and transformed the sandy and arid lands of rain-fed tracts of north-eastern Malwa region of the Punjab into blooming green fields. This sea-change earned a significant recognition for the toilers and the tillers of agricultural lands as that of ‘Hara’, meaning ‘green’. The true tale of Mr. Jagjit Singh is linked with destiny and devotion to work. It is a story of luck on one side and that of hard work going parallel to it. Destiny unfolds a series of  progressive destinations, honest in-put as work adds to worthiness.

Agriculture in India witnessed a revolution with the development of coral colonies in the waste lands in Punjab under the British Raj. The sturdy peasants of Punjab were ably guided by the science-oriented specialists and trained experts. One such genius was Sardar Bahadur Lal Singh (Hara) real uncle of Mr. Jagjit Singh.

It is relevant to state that Sardar Lal Singh held many high offices of distinction, especialy in the field of agriculture. He took over as Director of Agriculture in 1947 after the partition. He rehabilitated the Govt. Agricluture College at Ludhiana. This great son of Punjab and wise man of India outstands in the history of Horticulture Revolution. Sardar Bhadhaur S. Lal Singh who returned to Punjab (united) after completing his higher education in horticulture from University of California in 1922. He joined as first Fruit Specialist to Govt. of Punjab and later on Fruit Development Advisor to the Govt. of India. He introduced many varieties of oranges and formulated the scheme of Garden Colonies in Panjab.

Mr. Jagjit Singh as a young boy worked and studied under the care of his father Sardar Ram Singh, who inculcated his dedication, devotion and work culture to his son. The provision of suitable environment more than sheer luck. The cultivation of an ideal and determination to work honestly did lay the path of success story of Sardar Jagjit singh.

Because of passion for Agriculture S. Ram Singh was granted 25 acres barren land in Chak No. 327, Teh Buriwala, Dist. Multan, Pakistan cultivate and demonstrate what can be achieved by the combination of Brain and Brawn. Dr. M.S. Randhawa an Indian Civil Service officer and later the Vice Chancellor of Panjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana, once said that no one can beat Sardar Ram Singh in farming and his brother S.Lal Singh cannot be won over in the Committee Room.

As a young boy S. Jagjit Singh helped his father in farm-operations. He studied as well as worked. As an energetic youth, he convinced himself that work is worship. Time is life. Jagjit Singh's ideal was and still remains so, his uncle Sardar Bhadhur Lal Singh and his father Sardar Ram Singh.

Destiny provided Jagjit Singh the opportunity to study at Government College, Ludhiana. His will power to meet the expectations of his teachers as well those of the family made him pass M.A. (Economics) 1960. As a pet pupil of Professor Rajinder Varma, who later retired as the principal of the college, he used to go to him to touch his feet to seek his blessings till his death in 2007. Such is the humility of an alumnus, gratitude of an honest ‘old boy’ to his teachers and almamater.

Sardar Ram Singh


Mr. Hara is widely traveled person. He goes to all seats of specializations to learn new things as well as to share with others what he thinks they can profit by. He is a keen observer of fields, reader of books and watcher of nature. He has visited countless farms, attended number of conferences and participated in many high level seminars at national as well as International levels. His achievements in the field of agriculture made many national & international dignitaries, diplomats & scientists to visit his Hara Seed Farm. He earned appreciations which are recorded in his "Visitors Book" which he is maintaining since 1970. Dr. Norman E. Borlong commented as the only Visitor Book so broad base in the World at Farm level

Besides several Awards and Honors, he is a recipient of many distinctions. Government of India awarded him Padma Shri in 1992, one of the youngest to receive the coveted honour .

He developed his personality carefully and consistently by learning and practicing, through imbibing and mastering, whatever helped him in the choice of his profession-Agriculture. The well-earned knowledge and consequent self-confidence, besides, exposure to fields and developed love of farming, are his assets. He meets everybody, even anybody, without inhibition or complex. He is too simple by nature and habit.

Consequently, his farmlands extend an open welcome. His home is as good as home to even experience-exchanging persons.

His circle includes persons of distribution, noted specialists of diverse fields, besides- of course-simple persons and workers from the farming brotherhood.

He visits his friends to add to their happiness. Entertains the visitors to visit more often. Lucky by heredity, he is equally fortunate as head of Hara home where Sardarni  Surjit Kaur Hara his wife, is the real home minister. Their son Dr. Gurshaminder Singh Hara is a noted professional medical doctor (Sr. Consultant & Head Of the Unit Oswal Cancer Hospital, Ludhiana), Daughter, Sarabjit Kaur, while takes after her mother as home-maker. Their's is a well knit family.

He is grateful to God. He worships Nature. His work is farming! Gifted by such assets, he is an asset to the community of farmers his country and the society at large.


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